Strait of Belle Isle

Ferry Rates

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General Fares

Ferry rates for the Strait for Belle Isle are based on one-way transportation and listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Labrador Marine accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Pricing is determined and set by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. For this reason, prices can change without notice. For the most up to date information regarding fares please visit the Newfoundland and Labrador Website.

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Passenger Fares

Passenger Type One-Way Fare
Adult $11.75
Senior (age 60+) $9.50
Student (age 13+) $9.50
Child (under 5) Free
Child (ages 5-12) $9.50
Commuter $9.50

Motorcycle Fares

Passenger Type One-Way Fare
Motorcycle & Driver $18.00

Vehicle Fares

Passenger Type One-Way Fare
Vehicle & Driver $35.25
Vehicle & Senior Driver (age 60+) $26.75
Vehicle & Student Driver $26.75
Vehicle & Commuting Driver $26.75

Fares for Motorhomes and Vehicles Towing Trailers

Private Vehicle & Driver Adult One-Way  Senior One-Way Fare
up to 20′ $35.25 $26.75
up to 25′ $43.25 $32.50
up to 30′ $51.75 $39.25
up to 35′ $60.50 $45.50
up to 40′ $69.00 $52.25
up to 45′ $77.50 $58.25
up to 50′ $86.25 $64.75
up to 55′ $94.75 $71.50
up to 60′ $103.25 $77.50
up to 65′ $112.25 $84.50
65+ $120.75 $90.75

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already paid to book a trip. What happens if I need to cancel the reservation entirely?2024-06-10T15:49:38+00:00

If you cancel within 72 hours of departure, you must email Include the customer’s name, reservation number, and reason for cancellation. The request will be reviewed, and the customer will receive a response within 4-5 business days.

If you cancel more than 72 hours prior to departure, you must contact a reservations agent or email The reservation will be cancelled, and a full refund will be processed. Allow 4-5 business days for processing.

I need to change my reservation to accommodate an extra passenger or different vehicle type. Can I do that through the app?2024-06-10T15:47:17+00:00

You cannot change a reservation using the app. Changes can be made by calling a reservation agent at (866) 535 2567 or by email to In order to change a reservation, you MUST provide your reservation number or customer ID.

Will there be changes to the booking process for commercial customers, government travel, or tour groups?2024-06-10T15:46:46+00:00

You will follow the same process as before. The only change is that you will make your reservation through MYLMI.

Will the payment method change?2024-06-10T15:46:21+00:00

Regular traffic and walk-on passengers will now pay full fare for travel using their credit card. Customers holding government accounts will still have their travel automatically charged to their government account, except that now, full fare will be required.

A deposit used to be required when booking. Is this still the case?2024-06-10T15:45:59+00:00

A deposit only applies to commercial vehicles. You pay the full fare when you book for regular vehicles or walkon passengers.

I booked a reservation previously and paid a deposit only. What happens to my reservation?2024-06-10T15:45:20+00:00

If you booked before MYLMI was launched and paid a deposit, your reservation is perfectly ok. There is no change to the process at the terminal. You will need to go to the ticket office to be checked in by a ticket seller. They will give you a paper ticket which you present to the traffic director at the dock.

I have a login and password from the current booking system. Do I need a new login and password for MYLMI?2024-06-10T15:37:51+00:00

No. All customers in the current booking system are automatically transferred to MYLMI. Your login and password will remain the same. All online customers will use the new app as the old system will be disabled.

I’ve booked my reservation through the app. What do I need to bring with me to ensure that I can board the vessel?2024-06-10T15:36:52+00:00

When your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an SMS with a QR code and shortly after, you will receive an email with a QR code and detailed travel information.  You must bring this information with you for check-in.

What if I travel outside the date/time that I am reserved for?2024-05-17T13:30:56+00:00

If you decide to travel at a time or date other than your confirmed reservation, you must check in at the ticket office. You will be accommodated as per the waitlist policy. You will receive full credit for the amount paid if space is available.

I need to change my reservation to accommodate an extra passenger or different vehicle type. Can I do that through the app?2024-05-17T13:25:11+00:00

You cannot change a reservation using the app. Changes can be made by calling a reservation agent at (866) 535 2567 or by email to In order to change a reservation, you must provide your reservation number or customer ID to allow a change. This is to protect your account info and deter unauthorized changes.

Can I cancel my reservation?2024-05-01T16:46:11+00:00

Please visit our Cancellation Policy for information related to cancellations and ferry delays.

Can I make changes to a ferry reservation?2024-05-01T16:39:39+00:00

Changes cannot be made to reservations within 24 hours of departure and new reservations cannot be made on the day of travel.

Limited changes can be made to reservation if there is more than 24 hours before departure. To make a change please call our toll-free number 866 535 2567 or email us at You must have your reservation number and customer ID if you booked online to provide to the reservation agent. This is to ensure no one can change your reservation without your approval.

Do I need to make a ferry reservation in advance?2024-05-01T15:36:18+00:00

Reservations are recommended but not required.

Non-refundable deposits of $10.00 for private vehicles, $5.00 for walk-on passengers and $25.00 for commercial vehicles are required for each reservation. Deposits will be credited upon check in at the departing terminal provided tickets purchased are for the date and time of the reservation.

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