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Check-in & Boarding

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Arrival time: 1 hour before departure

Passengers must check-in at the departing terminal (St. Barbe or Blanc Sablon) 1 hour prior to departure. Check in after this deadline will result in loss of reservation. All Departure times from Blanc Sablon and St. Barbe are in Newfoundland Standard Time (NST).

If you reserved your spot through the My LMI app, you do not need to check-in at the ticket office. The QR code on your confirmation SMS or email will be scanned. Proceed directly to the parking lot at the dock and the traffic director will scan your QR code.  Please ensure you have your reservation info, including QR code ready before you reach the traffic director. 

If you are late you will need to go to the ticket office. You will be handled as per waitlist and will be accommodated if space permits. You will receive full credit as paid for the departure.

Waitlist Policy

Passengers without a reservation will be added to the waitlist. This means there is no guarantee that you will be able to board. Numbers are issued by the ticket office to non-reserved passengers. Passengers holding numbers must be in the ticket office one hour prior to departure. If the waitlist number is called for ticketing and the passenger does not show they will be dropped from the waitlist order. Once the ticket has been issued, the passenger should go directly to the parking lot for boarding. Passengers who fail to do so may be in a situation where they can’t be accommodated.


​Boarding will commence at the Chief Officer’s discretion, this is generally 1 hour prior to departure or sooner. If you check-in close to check in time, go directly to the parking lot. If you check-in early and leave you must ensure you are in the parking lot 1 hour prior to departure.

The Traffic Director checks tickets on arrival in the parking lot. If you are not in the parking lot at load time, when you return to the parking you will be placed at the end of the non-reserved line and you may not be accommodated for the departure. We will not reorganize traffic lanes during the loading process and cause delays to departures.

Remaining in vehicles during transit is not permitted. If you need access to the elevator please advise the ticket seller when you check in at the terminal. ​

Boarding Frequently Asked Questions

What if I travel outside the date/time that I am reserved for?2024-06-10T15:51:45+00:00

If you decide to travel at a time or date other than your confirmed reservation, you must check in at the ticket office. You will be accommodated as per the wait list policy. You will receive full credit for the amount paid if space is available.

If I book travel by using the app, will I still have to arrive at the dock 1 hour prior to the vessel’s departure?2024-06-10T15:51:21+00:00

Yes. This process remains the same. The one-hour rule provides the ship’s crew time to load the vessel properly and depart on schedule.

What if I’ve booked through the app and now some details have changed. I may have an extra passenger or I’m driving a different type of length of vehicle. Can I still go directly to the dock?2024-06-10T15:50:58+00:00

No. You must visit the ticket office and obtain a ticket.

I’ve booked travel through the app. Will I have to visit the ticket office?2024-06-10T15:50:36+00:00

No. The QR code on your confirmation SMS or email is your ticket. Proceed directly to the parking lot at the dock and the traffic director will scan your QR code. You are ready to travel.

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