If a departure time is missed and the vessel has not left the dock, it remains the active until 1 hour prior to the next scheduled departure time. At that time, the scheduled departure will become active. Reservations for the current departure have first priority. In the event of multiple ferry cancellations, the second priority would be the departure that was cancelled first, then the second, etc. This is followed until all reserved traffic is accommodated. This procedure ensures that customers who have been waiting longest are accommodated first after the current departure reservations. Last priority is any non-reserved traffic. This is handled in order of check-in based on numbers issued at the terminal.

For example: If a departure scheduled for 8:00 am is delayed and there is another scheduled for 1:00 pm. At 12:00 pm, the  reservations for the 1:00 pm departure become the main priority; reservations on the 8:00 am are bumped to next in line.

Non-reserved/waitlisted passengers are handled after all reserved traffic has been accommodated. This process is followed throughout the delay period.

Customers are advised to maintain contact with ticket offices when there are delays to scheduled departures, the Qajaq W will be operating on a “Load and Go” basis and there will be very little, if any, notice given. Check-in time for all departures is 1 hour prior to the information posted. Once loading is complete the vessel will depart. The only exception will be an emergency, i.e. medical as confirmed by a hospital/clinic.

* Note that during the winter schedule there are often delays due to ice conditions. During this time the current day will be the priority regardless as to when it occurs.


Once a departure has been cancelled, passengers who still wish to travel should be sure to check updates and be in contact with the ticket office. Persons on cancelled departures will be handled as per the delay policy. If you are no longer wanting to travel please note the following.

Once departures have returned to normal, a reservation agent will review the reservations from cancelled departures. If the reservation hasn’t been used the reservation is cancelled and automatically refunded.

On occasion flights are arranged, based on Government Policy, after 5 days without departures. The Government can make changes as it deems necessary on this policy and advise LMI of the same. The priority for utilizing flights is based on the LMI reserved date/time, in reservation number order starting with the first cancelled departure. Non-reserved passengers will be accommodated after ALL reserved passengers have been accommodated.​

If you need clarification of this policy please feel free to contact us.

Reservations are not transferable at the terminal in the event of delays or cancellations. Reservations will not be honored unless the person travelling is the reservation holder (verifiable by ID if necessary).

In the event of extended delays of more than 2 days, and a customer leaves a vehicle and uses alternate arrangement (ie: a flight), the reservation holder can designate a person to use the reservation to move their vehicle providing the reservation holder submits a written request for same. The request can be via email or fax (709 535 0127)  and must contain the following information:

  • Reservation number
  • Date and time of travel
  • Date and time the vehicle is expected to arrive,
  • Name of the person who will be moving the vehicle.  

This written request must be received a day prior to the expected crossing date.