May I have your attention please.
Welcome onboard, the ship will be departing shortly. Please stay clear of the car deck and the ramp area for your safety. The saloon deck and open deck areas are available for your convenience. Thank you


May I have your attention please.
Labrador Marine Services welcomes you aboard, please be advised we will be departing shortly.
For your safety and comfort, please observe the following rules. Children are the responsibility of parents or guardians. Restricted areas of the vessel that are off limit to passengers have been identified by signs.
Smoking is not permitted anywhere on this vessel and the cafeteria is open for your convenience.

In the event of an emergency the vessel’s crew will direct you to the evacuation areas on the exterior of the saloon deck. Please note, there are two life rafts located on each side of the vessel.

Adult and children’s life jackets are also located in clearly marked storage bins on the saloon deck.
To put on a life jacket, place the life jacket over your head and secure the collar straps. Cross the long straps around your waist and secure tightly.

The location of life jackets, life rafts and all other lifesaving equipment can be found on safety plans located on the saloon deck.
If you require any further information or assistance during the crossing, please ask a member of the catering staff.
Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you have a pleasant voyage.

No Smoking

May I have your attention please.
Due to government regulations smoking is not permitted anywhere on this vessel including all elevators and all outside decks.


May I have your attention please.
We will be docking shortly.
In preparation for docking, we ask that all passengers wait until the ship is secured at the dock before proceeding to the car deck. A further announcement will be made when it is safe to return to your vehicle.


May I have your attention please.
Passengers may now proceed to the car deck. Please do not start or move your vehicle until instructed by the crew. Thank you for travelling with Labrador Marine Incorporated.