Accessibility Policy

Labrador Marine Inc. operates the Strait of Belle Isle Service and the Labrador Coastal Service under contact to the NL Provincial Government. We are committed to providing quality service to all customers. We will endeavour to ensure all persons with disabilities are accommodated and their needs are met.

Labrador Marine Inc aims to ensure an accessible transportation system and to eliminate undue barriers to the mobility of persons with disabilities so that they have equal access to LMI transportation services.

Reservations can be booked using multiple options; online reservations are available for the Strait of Belle Isle service. Telephone and email can be utilized for all services. A screen reader can be utilized as required. Once a customer identifies their need we will ensure employees are aware at all stages of their journey.

​​Labrador Marine Inc is a federally regulated marine transportation service provider and we are subject to the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations* (ATPD) which has the goal of removing barriers to transportation for person with disabilities.

*Applicable sections:
1-10, 15-25, 28, 30-34, 35 (applicable sections), 37-39, 42, 46, 48-52, 54-59, 60-61,  134-137, 141, 142-146, 153, 157, 163, 164, 178, 179

Boarding Information

When making a reservation all services required can be requested. If additional assistance (wheelchair, elevator, etc.) is required on the day of boarding please advise the ticket agent or a crew member onboard and they will be pleased to assist.  If you need your vehicle to be parked close to an elevator, traffic directors will direct vehicles to the appropriate lane. Priority boarding will be accommodated however due to the specific placement on the vehicle deck, you may not necessarily board the vessel at the beginning of the loading process.

Throughout the crossing, assistance of any type will be available and crew members will periodically inquire about passenger’s needs and attend when necessary.


After embarking the vessel passengers may request to have any public announcements made during the voyage to be communicated to them in an alternate format.

Safety announcements onboard are made over the Public Address System prior to departures and arrival. Should an alternative format be required, Passenger safety cards are available in print form in large font. To obtain the passenger safety card please advise the ticket seller upon check in and they will be provided. ​

Crew members can also (upon request) provide an individual safety briefing to any persons with disabilities to make sure important safety information is communicated and to answer any questions or concerns.​

Mobility Aids

Wheelchairs are available at each terminal and onboard the vessel. Upon boarding, if you do not wish to keep your mobility aid with you, advise a crew member and storage can be accommodated during the crossing free of charge.

Passengers may also bring any small assistive device that they require during travel including a cane, crutches, a communication device, an orthotic positioning device or a portable oxygen concentrator.​

Please advise a crew member if you need assistance

Food Services

Cafeteria Services are available with no mobility restrictions. The passenger saloon area and cafeteria are on one level. Please contact one of the vessel’s stewards in the area should you need any assistance, including any of the following services. In the case of a person who is blind or has any other visual impairment, describing to the person the menu onboard and the food and beverages offered for consumption. In the case whereby a meal is ordered, assistance in identifying the food items, preparation of the meal by opening packages and their location, and cutting large food portions can be made available upon request.

​Please advise a crew member if you need assistance.

Info and Entertainment

​The Accessible Information Devices for persons with disabilities is available upon request, check with the Chief Steward on the Qajaq or Customer Service Representation on the Kamutik who can also provide assistance in using the device and accessing entertainment content.​

Complaint Procedure

Please see our Customer Feedback Survey to provide feedback on your experience with Labrador Marine Inc. An investigation will be carried out and findings will be provided to the complainant via email.

Support Person

​Labrador Marine, upon request of a person with a disability, will accept a support person for transport.

Pet Relief Area for Service Dogs

​​For your convenience there are relief areas for service dogs as well as other pets at each terminal.
Please ensure your service dog or pet is leashed at all times. You are expected to pickup after your dog. Bags are available in the dispensers provided at each location and disposed of in the waste bins provided. The relief areas are located as noted on the following maps.

Pet Relief Area at St. Barbe Terminal

A map outlining where the pet relief area is for service dogs and pets at the St. Barbe Terminal.

Pet Relief Area at Blanc Sablon Terminal

A map outlining where the pet relief area is for service dogs and pets at the Blanc Sablon Terminal.

Pet Relief Area Onboard Vessel

A map outlining where the pet relief area is for service dogs and pets onboard the vessel.

Pet Relief Area at Goose Bay Terminal

A map outlining where the pet relief area is for service dogs and pets at the Blanc Sablon Terminal.

Additional Services Available

LMI crew are pleased to provide assistance to persons with disabilities upon request, including:

  • Assistance with moving between areas on and off the vessel including the vehicle and passenger decks.
  • Mobility aid transfer services including assisting with transferring between a mobility aid and the passenger seat before departure and on arrival at the destination.
  • In the case of a person who is blind or has any other visual impairment, describing to the person, the layout of the ferry, including the location of washrooms and exits, and the location and operation of any operating controls at the person’s passenger seat.
  • Assisting the person in moving between their passenger seat and a washroom, including assisting them in transferring between their passenger seat and an on-board wheelchair.
  • To clean your passenger seat to remove any potential allergens.