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You can used the +/- at the right of the screen to zoom in/out. Also, click and hold to move the screen to center the map.

If you click on the vessel you will be able to view speed, and other info about the vessel.

Reservations are not required but are recommended. Non-refundable deposits of $10.00 for private vehicles or walk-on passengers and $25.00 for commercial vehicles are required for each reservation. Deposits will be credited upon check in at the departing terminal provided tickets purchased are for the date and time of the reservation. Persons who travel outside their reserved date and time will forfeit the deposit. Exceptions will only be made in the event of road closures or significant vessel delays. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express in Canadian currency.

When you book on-line there are steps you MUST follow to ensure your reservation(s) are complete. Please review your reservation details on the checkout screen.  The status will show as "PENDING". If you have  booked a reservation in error, or don't need it, change the status to "VOID" and "Save Changes".   Other changes can only be made by calling a reservations agent toll-free at (866) 535-2567 or directly at (709) 535 0810. Click on the button at the bottom of the page to pay your reservation deposit. Failure to do so, or transactions declined or not completed, will leave the reservation as pending and will result in it being automatically voided. And finally the *** IMPORTANT LAST STEP *** On the tranaction receipt page there is a button at the bottom you must click to "Activate Reservation". If you do not finish this step your reservation will not be activated and you will not show as reserved when you check in at the terminal.

Changes cannot be made to reservations within 24 hours of departure. Prior to this time limit changes can be made by calling the toll-free number at 866 535 2567 (Outside of Newfoundland and Labrador and the 418 area code call 709 535 0810). Reservations CANNOT be changed or new reservations made on the day of travel.Please note that you must provide your keyword (if booked on-line) or reservation number to the reservation agent before changes are allowed. This is to ensure no one can change your reservation without your approval.

Reservations are not transferable at the terminal; Reservations will not be honored unless the person travelling is the reservation holder (verifiable by ID if necessary). In the event of extended delays of more than 2 days, i.e. a customer leaves a vehicle and uses alternate arrangement (flights), the reservation holder can designate a person to use the reservation to move his/her vehicle providing the reservation holder submits a written request for same. This can be via email or fax (709 535 0127) and will contain the reservation number, date and time of travel, date and time the vehicle is expected to arrive, as well as the name of the person who will be moving the vehicle. This written request must be received a day prior to the expected crossing date.

NOTE THE FOLLOWING LINKS THAT ARE APPLICABLE TO COMMERCIAL TRAFFIC. Commercial Traffic Procedures cover the Rules for Waitlist, Trailer Switching for reservations only, and requirements for customers using other companies to move their loads. There is zero tolerance regarding spillage from trailers/trucks, click on the link regarding this policy. Also note the requirements for declaring dangerous goods in the next paragraph. Anything that has a "UN" number is dangerous goods. The classification of same and applicable rules as per IMDG code that governs movement of dangerous goods by sea.

Customers needing to move dangerous goods must submit a Dangerous goods declaration. Please send completed form directly to Dave Leyden, operations manager via email or fax. Once received the declaration will be processed and you will be informed of requirements. Dangerous Goods requests must be received no later than 48 hours prior to departure.

Click Gasoline_propane restrictions for information regarding transportation limits for gasoline and propane on regular crossings.

Check in time at the departing terminals of St. Barbe and Blanc Sablon is 1 hour prior to departure. Check in after this deadline will result in loss of reservation. Please note that all departure times from both terminals are in Newfoundland time. When booking on line please review carefully the space available when you chose your departure, If it shows "0" available for vehicle space then there is no room to book a vehicle, you can book walk-on space only. Also, a reminder will show that there is "No Vehicle space available" when you try to select a vehicle. By continuing the reservation process you will have walk-on space only, it does not allow you priority for a vehicle and you will be handled as waitlist which is "first-come, first-served" upon check-in at the terminal. When booking on-line you should always review your reservation to ensure what you have booked is correct; Checking in with a vehicle not as reserved will result in loss of reservation. Note that a commercial reservation allows for a vehicle up to 8ft 6in wide; any units over width will require 2 spaces; failure to book the required space will result in loss of reservation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a reservation agent.

Pets are not permitted in passenger areas. They may be kept in vehicles or in kennels provided at no charge on the car deck. Passengers are responsible for ensuring their pets have food and water.PLEASE NOTE THAT SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED ON PASSENGER FERRIES AS PER PROVINCIAL REGULATIONS.

Rates and schedules are subject to change without notice.


The following outlines the procedures followed in the event of departure delays/cancellations.

Once a departure has been missed it remains the active departure until 1 hour prior to the next departure at which time that departure becomes active. For example, a departure scheduled for 8:00 AM is delayed and there is another scheduled for 1:00 PM. At 12:00 noon reservations on the 1:00 PM are priority; reservations on the 8:00 AM are next in line; non reserved passengers are handled (based on numbers issued at the ticket office) after ALL reserved traffic has been accommodated. This process is followed throughout the delay period.

Reservations for the current departure have first priority.

In the event of multiple cancellations the second priority would be the first cancelled departure, then the second, etc. This is followed until all reserved traffic is accommodated. This procedure ensures that customers who have been waiting longest are accommodated first after the current departure reservations. Last priority is any non-reserved traffic. This is handled in order of check-in based on numbers issued at the terminal.

Customers are advised to maintain contact with ticket offices when there are delays to scheduled departures, the Apollo will be operating on a "Load and Go" basis and there will be very little, if any, notice given. Check in time for all departures is 1 hour prior to the information posted. Once loading is complete the vessel will depart. The ONLY exception will be an emergency, i.e. medical as confirmed by a hospital/clinic.

If you need clarification of this policy please feel free to contact Dave Leyden, Operations Manager at 709 535 3351 or by email at



Protecting your privacy is important to Labrador Marine Inc.

Labrador Marine Inc. uses customer information gathered in the reservation process solely for operational purposes. No credit card information is kept on file. Credit card information is processed by Moneris on a https secured network.

All information is held in strictest confidence and will not be sold or distributed to 3rd parties under any circumstances.

Reservations – Call here to book reservations or for information on rates, schedules, etc.

Within Newfoundland and Labrador: 866 535 2567
Outside NL and the 418 area code: 709 535 0810

Ticket Office – Open 2 hours prior to first departure and closes after last departure of the day.

St. Barbe: 709 877 2222
Blanc Sablon: 418 461 2889

Dave Leyden
Operations Manager
Telephone: 709 535 3351
Fax: 709 535 0127

If you are a qualified seafarer or interested in a career in the marine industry please click here for contact info.