Welcome to Labrador Marine

Customers who wish to book reservations and are planning to travel are advised to review the Customer Info. Important information regarding check-in times, reservation policy, and procedures followed in the event of delays or cancellations are outlined.

Passengers should note that cafeteria services are available onboard. Payment method is cash only. Credit card and debit cards cannot be used as payment for cafeteria transactions. 

Effective immediately customers who require copies to replace lost or misplaced tickets should note that there will be an admin fee of $15.00 for each ticket, confirmation of travel, etc.

Effective Thursday October 1 there will be additional departures added to the schedule to accommodate higher than normal traffic levels. These extra crossings will remain in effect for 3 weeks however if required will be extended beyond that date. Extra crossings are as follows.

Thursdays - Departing Blanc Sablon at 2:30 PM    Departing St. Barbe at 4:00 PM.